Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Love your Hands

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We hope you’ve all been keeping your tootsies in tip top condition since our last post, Super Supple Summer Feet.  Today we want to get hands on!  Here are a few reasons why…

  • Hands are one of the first things people notice about us after our face
  • The skin on our hands is exposed to harsher conditions than any part of our body - from the elements to cleaning products
  • Hands are one of the first parts of our bodies to show signs of ageing - and one of the most difficult areas to hide it
  • Well groomed hands and nails are always attractive and will get you noticed for all the right reasons!

At CutECOsmetics we’re big advocates of using skin-kind, paraben-free products on our hands to keep them soft, smooth and well nourished.  You can never be too young or too old to start looking after your hands… the important thing is to do it, today!

Here are some of our favourites for daily hand tlc…


CutECOsmetics Hand Creams

1. eos Cucumber Hand Cream, £7  eos (evolution of smooth) is renowned for its amazing lip balms - and believe us when we say your hands will love the contents of this sweet spherical bottle just as much! Infused with moisturizing shea butter, oat extract, and a generous helping of antioxidants and vitamins C and E. Also available in Berry Blossom & Sheer Petals fragrances.

2 Love & Toast Honey Coconut Hand Cream, £10.95 A lightweight lotion that’s rich in moisture, with Organic Aloe, luxurious Shea Butter, Safflower Seed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Avocado Extract, Olive fruit, Green tea.  The Honey & Cocunut smells of sweet honey, sugared vanilla, violet & sandalwood. Also available in Sugar Grapefruit.

3. Nougat London Helping Hands Fig & Pink Cedar Mini Travel Set, £6   A perfect travel, desk or handbag companion, this set of 30ml minis will treat your senses and your skin. Enriched with hydrating Almond and Macadamia oils, comforting Comfrey and Vitamin E and a blend of Lemongrass and Bergamot oils.

4. Skin Blossom Caring Hand Cream, £4.95 This easily absorbed cream contains a special blend of plant oils fight dryness as Shea and Cocoa Butter restore skin, while Rose Geranium restores and protects.

Top Tips for hand care:

  • Avoid harsh soaps that can strip your skin of natural oils
  • ALWAYS wear gloves when washing up or using cleaning products
  • Sunscreen is just as important for hands as it is for your face: use it daily, all year around
  • Apply hand cream regularly throughout the day to keep skin moisturised

Once a week, treat your hands to some deluxe treatment… gently exfoliate your hands with exfoliator such as Deep Steep Organic Sugar Scrub with Lavender and Chamomile, slather on a thick layer of hand cream or body butter, pop on some cotton gloves and leave them on overnight. Wake up with baby soft hands! If you can’t face sleeping in gloves, do this while you watch a movie one evening (at home… it might look rather odd in the cinema!").

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