Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fat Free Easter Eggs

Want some eggs for Easter but without the calories or guilt? Or do you purely just want a fun alternative to Easter eggs? Check out these cuties from EOS, our very own lip balm Easter eggs! 

Just as delicious, but they last longer and are 100% fat free. Treat yourself or treat a friend, it's up to you! One thing is for sure, here in the CutECOsmetics HQ we'll be using EOS eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt this year! We want them all. They smell so good, we want to eat them! 

Which flavour EOS balm do you think sounds the most delicious?

EOS Lip Balm Spheres are only £5.95 from cutECOsmetics and we offer free delivery!


  1. This is such a good idea! I would prefer to get something like this as opposed to chocolate! I really like the sound of passion fruit but can only get it with the strawberry sorbet (Which I want to try too) so think I will have to wait and save for it!

    Great idea though for presents for others. Shame the Fiance wouldn't appreciate it.
    Please stop by my blog or twitter :)


    Sarah xoxo

  2. Love my EOS balm, I've never been so obsessed with a lip balm before, it's not going to last me long at the rate that I apply it. If only they made a Easter Egg sized one!

  3. I Bought one of these from your site in summer fruits, its amazing x

  4. Just done a small review about your site :)

    1. Thanks very much! Glad you like them - I'll post a link to the review on our website review page & am now following with GFC x

    2. Thats very nice of you :) thanks very much, x