Friday, 2 March 2012

Five Uses for your Figs & Rouge Balm

Figs & Rouge Face, Lip and Body Balms are 100% organic, cruelty free balms made in the UK and sealed in the prettiest, vintage inspired tins. Every lady should keep one of these at her side, with this multi purpose balm for under £5, it's a beauty must have!

You might think that Figs & Rouge balm is just another lip balm, but you'd be wrong! This non-greasy, petroleum free balm can be used as a solution to a number of beauty dilemmas, let us tell you our top secrets to getting the most from your Figs & Rouge.

1. This one is obvious, Figs & Rouge is a lip balm! Without nasty, skin drying petroleum and a blend of essential oils, your lips will remain velvet soft, like rose petals. Choose a scent that suits your personality, Rambling Rose for you vintage darlings or Coco Vanilla for sophisticated sirens.

2. Looking a bit windswept? Whip out your Figs & Rouge balms to hydrate your hairs dry tips or to smooth down flyaways, a instant style saver, with the added benefit of calming, soothing aromatherapy fragrances.

3. Add Figs & Rouge Balm to your manicure and pedicure routine. These little tins of magic are a  fabulous balm for soothing, hydrating and softening cuticles and dry skin. Add a dab as you need to tip top toes and fingers, or use all over your hands and feet for intensive moisture.

4. Out of cleanser? Did you know that you can use your Figs & Rouge balm to remove your make up? Smooth your balm onto your face, massage and remove with a cotton pad, muslin cloth or flannel. Plus, with these handy balms your skin will thank you for the moisture boost!

5. Prep, protect and improve the performance of your make up by using your Figs & Rouge balm as a primer, smooth onto your face and lips to add a layer of moisture and essential oil goodness to your skin before applying your make up.

Why not treat yourself today, to one of these little wonders?

Do you have a a Figs & Rouge balm? Which flavour do you want?

Let us know your Figs & Rouge tip, we would love to hear from you.


  1. Wow, never thought to use this as a cleanser or primer - I might buy some on my next shopping trip!

  2. Excellent tips for usage! I used mine on my lips, face and hands. Had contemplated using as a cleanser. Great ideas! :)