Monday 4 February 2013

Valentines Beauty Prep & Gift Ideas

We’re delighted to bring you the first in our series of Beauty Blogger Tips & Tutorials from Nic of Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog.  Whether you fancy primping & preening yourself for Valentines Day or planning a gift for a loved one, Nic shares some ideas to get you in the mood for the most romantic day of the year…

Hi everyone - and thank you to CutECOsmetics for inviting me to do the first of their Beauty Blogger posts, featuring a selection of their lovely products, a couple of which I’ve had in my stash and enjoyed using for a while now.


I think we all deserve a little pampering in preparation for Valentines’ Day, even if we’re just staying at home with a lovely meal & bottle of wine, which I must admit sounds good to me as I listen to the storm outside! :)

Bodhi Jasmine Falls Bath and Shower

I’ll be starting off with an indulgent candle-lit bath, pretending I’m somewhere in the sunny Mediterranean with Bodhi’s Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy, followed by an application of Ylang-Ylang Incense Sensual Body Moisturiser.  Bodhi products don’t just smell good and feel good… they are enriched with pure essential oils and genuinely do feel therapeutic to use!

Gwidihu lip balm

As it’s still freeeeezing outside, I’ll be protecting my lips with Gwdihw Goody Hoo lip balm in Smoochy Lips in the run up to Valentines - ensuring lips stay soft and kissable!  Made with Coconut & Olive Oils, Beeswax and Calendula, this balm is naturally flavoured with Vanilla - yum!

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow

On the day, I’ll keep my make-up soft and natural with a flush of Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in ‘Blushed’ on my cheeks and lips.  Don’t be scared of this delicious bright pink… it blends out beautifully and has the most gorgeous creamy texture on the skin, leaving a really natural flush.  I love it on lips! 

It’s 100% natural and created with 85% certified organic ingredients.

Laqa-and-Co-Nookie-hot-pink-fuchsia-nail-polish Laqa- -Co-Nail-Polish-bottle-Nookie 

Laqa- -Co-Nail-Polish-Nookie Laqa- -Co-swatch-Nookie

Laqa & Co nail polish is now available in elegant slim bottles, which personally I find much easier to use than their original click up pens (cute as they are!).  Nookie is a gorgeous fuchsia toned hot pink, which applies beautifully and the pigmentation is insanely good - this is just one coat!   Mad as it sounds, something about this reminds me of OCC Lip Tars, except for nails - the opacity, depth of colour and smoothness. Try it and tell me if you know what I mean!

So that’s me… smelling Bodhi sensual, with soft Smoochy lips, flushed cheeks & hot pink Nookie Nails!  Click on the green links above for more details on each of these products.

Will you be pampering yourself for Valentines, or just because?  Let’s face it… do we really need a reason girls?! ;)

Nic is Editor of Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog - do pop over & give her a visit!


  1. I have often looked at the Laqa & Co nail polish wondering what they would be like. I may order some after seeing those pictures! :)

    Bodhi sounds like a great brand too.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Some great product choices here. I'm a fan of Bodhi & Gwdihw Goody Hoo :)

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  4. I love the look of that blusher ....