Thursday, 24 January 2013

How to Apply Nail Wraps


NCLA Nail Wraps

Nail wraps can brighten a girl’s day in an instant - adding a twist to a  simple dress or just brightening a dull Winter’s day!  We’ve been hooked since the arrival of NCLA nail wraps at CutECOsmetics & thought we’d provide a few application tips to show you all how easy it is!

How to apply Nail Wraps

1. Start with a coat of clear nail polish on fresh clean nails & allow to dry

2. Select which wrap fits the first nail and stick it on ,starting at the base of the nail, pressing upwards & outwards to remove any bubbles.  A lot of excess will stick up over the top of the nail (see pic 1 above)

3. Fold the excess wrap down at one corner & file in downward motion (pic3)

4. Repeat on the other corner until all excess is filed off.

5. You should now be left with a wrap that fits!

6. Cover the wrap with another coat of the clear polish to add shine and secure it in place.

7. Repeat on other nails.

That’s it… you’re done!

NCLA’s newest designs come from accessories designer, Melody Ehsani and are just stunning - here’s a taster…


You can see the full collection here.

We hope you’ve found our application tips helpful… have you ever tried nail wraps?

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