Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Two Pretty Additions from Priti NYC: Turkish Sorbet and Red, White & Beautiful, London 2012

Priti NYC has launched a beautiful new Turkish Sorbet collection for Summer 2012, with beautiful brights that strike the perfect balance between this year's pastel and neon bright trends.

Horned Poppy - a cool pearly yellow that reminds us of a field of buttercups
Red Maple - a bright neon coral jelly (already paired with cute flipflops at HQ!)
Lungwort - an ice cool aqua-mint creme, perfect for Breakfast at Tiffany's
Dayflower, a soft blue violet cream

Each of these shades are highly pigmented and apply seamlessly for an immaculate finish and the beauty of this collection is that they all work together so well it's a shame to stop at just one! 

Turkish Sorbet shades cost £8.95 each

As if 1 gift wasn't enough, Priti NYC has also launched 'Red, White & Beautiful for London 2012'

Designed to be worn together - on separate nails or in creative nail art designs - the deep crimson and navy tones are particularly sophisticated.

The set includes White Ballet Dahlia - opaque white
Red Head Cactus - true red
Schwarkopf - deep navy blue
and a free 2 in 1 top & base coat

Red, White & Beautiful costs £29.99 for the set

CutECOsmetics is delighted to stock both new sets of these luxury, non toxic polishes, which you can view here


  1. The turkish sorbet collection looks lovely, the kind of colours I go for :)

  2. In love with the Turkish Sorbet collection x