Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter in The OCC Garden

We thought we would try and brighten up the Easter Weekend here at CutECOsmetics HQ by sharing with you the arrival of the New OCC Lip Tars 'The Garden' Spring / Summer 2012 Collection!

Spring has sprung at OCC with the gorgeous new floral shades in the Lip Tar range, OCC say:

'Inspired not by garden variety roses but psychotropic and poisonous plants, this collection turns traditional spring pastels upside down, injecting them with hallucinatory notes of nearly-neon vibrancy.'

The new range also launches with new packaging, featuring a precision nozzle applicator and now you get even more in your OCC Lip Tar tube (10ml).
So here are the lovely Spring beauties!

Digitalis - Pink Tinged Lavender (Left) 
 Ophelia - Pure Petal Pink (Right)

Kava Kava - True Peach Neutral (Left)
PennyRoyal - Roasted Peach / Brown (Right)

Belladonna - Ultra Ultra Violet
Chlorophyll - True Teal

If you've never tried these, a little goes a long way! All you'll need is a tiny bead applied with a lip brush. Wondering how you would ever wear some of the colours? The great thing about OCC Lip Tars is that they are meant to be mixed to create your own shades - so have fun with them!

They are £8.99 from here

We'd love to know which of the new shades you like?
Have you tried these yet?

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  1. Oh these looks really nice!
    Would love to try Ophelia and Kava Kava :)

    Chloe xx
    Giada Beauty